About Us:

The Common Fibers Story


A team of designers focused on one thing, the improvement and development of composite based products. 

We love carbon fiber as much as you do. Our mission at CF is to expand the use of this amazing material and develop the world’s best composite based products. With the use of our CF-Lex™ hinge and future technologies, we are excited about what lies ahead and hope you join us in making carbon fiber casual.

problems to solve
  • Bulky Wallets
  • Outdated Materials
  • Wallet Failure
  • Credit Card Skimming
  • Carbon Fiber Rigidity
  • Carbon Fiber Cost
Our solutions
  • Minimalist Design
  • All CF Construction
  • Advanced Material Selection
  • RFID Protection
  • CF-Lex™ Hinge
  • Direct Sales Model

Last year, our kickstarter campaign raised over $164,000.

Gabe Mountjoy

Email: gabe@commonfibers.com
Role: Design

Ann Peters

Email: ann@commonfibers.com
Role: Technology

Myles Bradwell

Email: myles@commonfibers.com
Role: Outreach

Gaia the Bulldog

Email: gaia@commonfibers.com
Role: Sleep

The CF Team

Email: info@commonfibers.com
Role: Do Work

We want to change the world through advanced composite designs. We would love to hear from you directly and hope you join us in making carbon fiber casual.

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