THE BIZ $79.00

THE BIZ $79.00

The BIZ was designed for the card heavy user. Revamping the classic, the BIZ has a large business card pocket with a quick card access slot. This combination allows business focused users to carry up to 20 cards and distribute them while the wallet is still closed.  This wallet is designed specifically for carrying 20+ cards.  For a limited time, all orders through the site come with an optional FREE engraving in BLOCK font.  No returns on engraved products.

triangle.png2.6 x 4.1 inches
card.pngHolds 25 Biz Cards
card.pngQuick Card Slot


Easy Access Card Slot

Get quick access to your most important card, or simply be prepared to give out business cards like a boss without ever opening your wallet. The Slim Biz card slot can hold up to 25 business cards or 10 credit cards at a time and can be accessed from the exterior with the swipe of your thumb.

Patented CF-Lex™ Hinge

Our patented method allows us to make the only continuous carbon fiber wallet.  To the user, it means enhanced durability, improved RF shielding, and a sleek look. 


RFID Protection

Over 32% of Americans have experienced credit card fraud in the last five years. This has spawned legitimate concerns over credit cards security and your leather wallet may be leaving you exposed. We utilize RF shielding materials that reduce the risk of credit card scanning and help ensure our users' banking information is safe. To learn more about what RFID technology is and how we can protect you, read this blog post.  Note: Due to the easy access slot, cards in this compartment are at an increased risk of RF scanning.  We recommend placing at least 3 cards between any RF cards and the exterior of the wallet to remain protected.

Handmade in the USA with quality craftsmanship right in our backyard, we see no reason to go overseas. We have partnered with the highest quality suppliers and vendors here in Seattle and throughout the US. These partnerships allow us to keep a close eye on quality while strengthening our local economy.


Durable Rip Stop Interior

In selecting our materials we wanted an interior fabric that mirrored the resilience and style of the carbon fiber exterior. With its résumé in the outdoor market, we chose a durable PV rip-stop that has a higher tensile strength than leather while being a fraction of the thickness.

Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

We use US sourced authentic carbon fiber in all of our products. Although many competitors produce a high quality aesthetic using substitutes, we are keen on the durability and product lifespan benefits that only real carbon fiber can provide.

Size and Weight:
Length: 2.64 in
Width: 4.07 in
Thickness: 0.27 in
Weight: 3 oz

Material Thickness: .02 in
Tow Size: 3K
Tensile Strength: 1066 lbs
Hinge Tensile Strength: 840 lbs
∆ Strength after 50K Cycles: -8%

​Manufacturer: DirecTex
Technical Name: YDIAMOND 300 RIPSTOP
Water Resistant: Yes
Stain Resistant: Yes

3 reviews

By Collin
I wish I could include a video on here to show how much of an issue this is. Basically, the "business card holder" area, which is the area you are supposed to put everything.. only works if you shove it full with 30 business cards or 10-12 credit cards. I bought this wallet to SLIM DOWN, but this section, the only section where you can put excess cards, only works if it is shoved full of stuff.

An analogy is like a basketball hoop. Imagine if someone wanted to use a basketball hoop and the basketball hoop is this wallet and the basketball is my credit cards. Instead of staying secure in the hoop, the ball just slides through right to the ground. The only way the ball would stay put is if it is so fat that it isn't even practical to use anymore... All they need to do is add a little rivet or button to close this section if you don't want to lug around 12 credit cards. I wanted to SLIM my wallet, so I removed the excess cards, down to 8, but now the wallet literally is not functional

Side note: like the other commenter said, the one hidden compartment is EXTREMELY tight. I was in line at the store and tried to buy something but the credit card would not come out. I wasted 3 minutes trying to get it out and had to let the person behind me go in front. Eventually it just would not come out so I had to get it out at home with tweezers and pliers. What an embarrassing and sad story that could have been avoided if the team that desgined this wallet earned a basic degree in engineering or even communications. I don't understand how you can produce such a functionless piece of material.

IF IT were not for that issue - the cards falling out, I would have rated 5 stars - everything else is perfect. Even the tight pocket is fine to deal with I can get over it and just not use the pocket. But the cards slipping out is a HUGE DEAL BREAKER. It would be like if you bought a car, and you loved the car.... but the engine did not work. Terrible feat of engineering. Sad.
Perfect card holder
By Ali
I bought The Biz because I needed something to hold all my and other people's business cards. It is a really stylish cardholder. Whenever I get someone's business card or I give mine, they are always telling me it's a cool cardholder.

However, there's only one issue about The Biz. Business card picket is too big, if you don't have more than 15 cards, they will fall down. I think they can make that part with flexible material next time so cards will not fall down when you don't have lot of business cards in that pocket.

Note: If you are not carrying lot of cards, you can also use it as a wallet.

Excellent glossy finish durability!
By Andres
One of my favorite things about my "The Biz" CF wallet is how durable its glossy finish has been. I've had two carbon fiber wallets in the past 10 years, and both were made of a 2x2 twill weave fabric cured in a flexible PU resin matrix that was glossy but considerable less shiny.
Unfortunately this material (which is used by most other wallet manufacturers sourcing their stuff from Taiwan and China) loses its shine getting dull over time, and scratches easily even though it has a rubber-like consistency.
Unlike those other wallets, since I bought my Common Fibers CF wallet half a year ago the finish quality has remained glossy and impervious to scratches...! This to me is phenomenal and a highlight that gets positive feedback from friends every time I pull it out ...gotta say I do leave it on the table while I sign CC receipts to presume a bit about its neat look and contrast with the Blue interior lining ;-)
My only issues, although minor, are a little bit of stickiness on a little portion of one edge where the flexible hinge-like fabric joins the frontal plane, and the rather tight space on the inside pockets. Truth be told, the 1st one I'll probably fix easily by cleaning it with goo gone, and the 2nd has actually forced me to carry less bloatware in my wallet.
All in all, a truly outstanding product and proof of American engineering and innovation!
Miami, FL.

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