The Essential Package $227.00$170.25

The Essential Package $227.00$170.25

In this day and age we shouldn't be limited to only one wallet!  Afterall, we don't wear only one pair of shoes or one jacket.  Buy the Essential Package today and break free from the norm!  This package includes a SLM ($79), for the days you need to carry cards, a BIZ ($79), for the days you need extra business cards, and a FIT ($69) for the days you need to carry stacks of cash!  A package value of $227! No coupon codes allowed.


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A Must Have
By Michelle
I love great deals and having options. This bundle supplied me with the best of both worlds; three products to choose from at a great price. I use the FIT when I am carrying a small purse and heading out on the town when all you need is a twenty, your ID and a credit card. The SLM is perfect for my small pocketed jeans and day to day use, and the BIZ is great at work and for conferences when I hand out business cards. It wonderful being able to access my business cards without having to open my wallet. All three are minimalist and perfect for each occasion. Thanks Common Fibers!

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