THE MAX $99.00

THE MAX $99.00

The MAX is all about you. With five color options, a gloss or matte surface finish, and an optional 20 character engraving, you can now have a wallet that is truly one-of-a-kind.  Check out the Custom Engraving Add-On if you want to upgrade to a full image engraving. See what bills will fit here.  Looking for leatherNo returns on engraved products.

triangle.png3.4 x 4.3 inches
card.pngHolds 8 Cards
stamp.pngCustom Engraving


Custom Engraving

Make your wallet truly unique with a one-of-a-kind custom laser engraving. Engrave up to 20 characters in a block font (Copperplate Gothic).  Additioanl fonts available upon request.  Engravings are located on the front bottom right hand corner of the wallet. Text height ranges from 1/4" to 1/2" depending on the length of the engraving.  You can purchase a Custom Logo Engraving Add-On if you are interested in additional customization.

Patented CF-Lex™ Hinge

Our patented method allows us to make the only continuous carbon fiber wallet.  To the user, it means enhanced durability, improved RF shielding, and a sleek look. 


RFID Protection

Over 32% of Americans have experienced credit card fraud in the last five years. This has spawned legitimate concerns over credit cards security and your leather wallet may be leaving you exposed. We utilize RF shielding materials that reduce the risk of credit card scanning and help ensure our users' banking information is safe. To learn more about what RFID technology is and how we can protect you, read this blog post.

Handmade in the USA with quality craftsmanship right in our backyard, we see no reason to go overseas. We have partnered with the highest quality suppliers and vendors here in Seattle and throughout the US. These partnerships allow us to keep a close eye on quality while strengthening our local economy.


Durable Ripstop Interior

In selecting our materials we wanted an interior fabric that mirrored the resilience and style of the carbon fiber exterior. With its résumé in the outdoor market, we chose a durable PV ripstop that has a higher tensile strength than leather while being a fraction of the thickness.

Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

We use US sourced authentic carbon fiber in all of our products. Although many competitors produce a high quality aesthetic using substitutes, we are keen on the durability and product lifespan benefits that only real carbon fiber can provide.

Size and Weight:
Length: 3.36 in
Width: 4.31 in
Thickness: 0.33 in
Weight: 3 oz

Material Thickness: .02 in
Tow Size: 3K
Tensile Strength: 1066 lbs
Hinge Tensile Strength: 840 lbs
∆ Strength after 50K Cycles: -8%

Manufacturer: DirecTex
Technical Name: YDIAMOND 300 RIPSTOP
Water Resistant: Yes
Stain Resistant: Yes

27 reviews

By Aaron
The look and feel of this wallet is extremely satisfying. I've always appreciated the look and durability of the classic leather wallet, but this modern look is appealing and exudes the strength of carbon fiber. The RFID protection also provides peace of mind while I'm out and about. It's definitely my new favorite wallet and I love showing it off!
By Alvin
Have had one of these for a few years now, having bought one of the original versions. Most durable wallet I have ever owned, well worth the money. Holds a lot, but doesn't take up space in pocket. Got plenty of friends who have since ordered versions.
Well worth it
By Julian
I love this wallet. Going on 2 years now I believe and it's still holding up and looks just like the day I received it. Well worth the money.
Lasting Quality
By Quang
Followed this group since kickstarter and I have the customized red Max wallet with engraving. After 2 years the wallet is still strong and good as new! You get plenty of compliments on the wallet and if you're a carbon fiber fan like myself its a must have. It's a tough wallet but holds enough to get by for guys such as myself which includes 2 large metal cards, cash, 4-6 credit cards and 2-3 paper cards. You just might need to get bigger pockets or keep it in a jacket pocket due to the tough carbon fiber which makes it bulky.
Worth every penny.
By jason
I liked my max wallet so much I got my dad one for Christmas with his company logo custom engraved. This is a high quality product and the customer service is great. I've been carrying this daily since it was introduced on kickstarter and have no complaints. Highly recommended. Looking forward to the next batch of new products from Common fibers.
Amazing products
By Chase
I have 3 of these along with other items they sell. Service is top notch fast shipping. Great products and love being customizable
Durable! Maybe too much so?
By Sigve
I bought this wallet on the original kickstarter way back in 2014 and received it in July I think (?). It's held like a charm. There are a couple loose threads from the stitching in one corner and in the middle, but nothing unexpected from the use I've put it through.

My wallet has been with me everyday through countless vacations and even a year in the army. At a point I thought I had managed to dull the color of it from sand in my pocket, but it wiped right off.

The carbon fiber is seemingly infinite durable and is yet to have a scratch. Even the hinge, which is what I was the most skeptical about, has held without any visible damage.

The only thing to point out is that the corners, even though they're rounded, are quite sharp. As other have mentioned they have a tendency to wear out jeans pocket (which happened to me at two occasions) so I eventually started carrying it in my inner jacket pocket whenever possible. Eventually it managed to tear a hole in one of those too(!), but I think that was more due to the shitty quality of the jacket than the aggressiveness of the wallet. But even though it is sharp I still use it every day, it's just important to remember to but it in your pocket with the hinge down, and you're basically good.

In summary:
+ Durable
+ Stylish
+ Thin
- A little sharp around the edges

All in all a quality product.
Max wallet
By Ali
I was so curious before I bought my first Max wallet. I thought it will be same quality as the other brands but I was wrong. I have more than 5 carbon fiber wallets and my favorite one is the Max wallet. I have been using my wallet for almost 2 years and it doesn't have any scratch on its surface. If is a really durable wallet. I bought 4 more wallets after my first Max wallet.
(Note: if you want to get Max wallet, get it Red. It looks so cool)
Awesome, but deadly
By Allan
Love my carbon fibre wallet! It is an eye catcher and a conversation piece. Very durable and holds onto cash and cards firmly.... almost too firmly. Thank God for plastic cash be a use sometimes yanking cash out of the wallet feels like I am going to rip it because the opening doesn't open very wide.

My other gripe is that if you are like me and spend more money on a wallet then you do on jeans, then expect to go through a pair or two every couple months because the corners of the carbon fibre are sharp and denim will wear out before the wallet does.

Other than those two minor issues, these are amazing wallets, and I have recommended them to many friends whom have also purchased them.
Nearly 3 year old Kickstarter Max wallet
By Steve
This wallet still has its "cool factor", even after almost 3 years of daily use. My load is 6 cards in the card pockets with and one card and two paper insurance cards in the hidden pockets. I rarely have currency or receipts in the bill pocket.

The interior - all the stitching is intact. There is some minor fabric fraying along the outer edges but a little nipping cleans it up. I definitely see one area along the bill pocket where the fraying will affect the stitching some time in the near future, but it probably won't impact my continued use of the wallet.

The exterior has some wear (does CF get a "patina"?), but nothing more than I would expect after almost 3 years. The engraving is starting to get a little difficult to read, but to be honest its something I never look at. It is certainly nothing that would keep me from continuing to use the wallet for another 3 years. The hinge portion (which is the innovation piece of this design and the structural weak point) actually still looks brand new.

Guys, I'm knocking a star off due to the metal tab you keep insisting on putting on your wallets. It's the part of the wallet exterior that shows the most wear. Also in my opinion, it negatively impacts the look of the wallet. Please think up an alternative branding implementation - I'd even be ok with you engraving your logo in the CF.

Four stars - this is one of my Kickstarter "winners" - something I am really glad I got. When the interior does get too worn to use, I will definitely look at getting another Max wallet (if they drop that metal tab).
Best wallet I have ever owned
By Michael
I love this wallet! I've had it since the Kickstarter and never looked back. The wallet is still in pretty good shape after all of the abuse I give it. And by abuse I mean I'm lucky to get 6mo out of a good leather wallet.

The seams have held, the pockets have not torn, and the carbon fiber exterior still looks brand new (not even a hint of wear on the fold). Years of abuse have only created a slight adhesive separation between the carbon fiber and liner that support was happy to give tips on for repair.

When (if?) I do wear this thing out the only reason I won't be buying another Max will be because I've opted to go with a different style.
Last wallet I'll buy
By Brandon
I looked into this wallet simply because I love carbon fiber as a material. I ended up buying two as gifts after a year owning mine. I am completely satisfied, both my uncle and grandpa love them as well. Again though, they do last longer than pants so I'd suggest front pocket carry.
My first
By andres
This one is bought in the matt version and did the red interior it looks great I've received plenty of compliments all around great products.
2 years still going strong
By Dustin
I work in construction, as a result I destroy wallets. Usually at the seam. Until about 2 years ago that is. This has stood the test of time and the high level of abuse that I am prone to give such items.

I will be buying another one, if this one ever wears out.
The last wallet you'll ever need!
By Saar
I've supported Common Fibers since their Kickstarter debut. I work with carbon fiber on a daily basis , and the Max is an engineering wonder. The hinge is the most difficult part to make and they nailed it.
Day to day I enjoy its looks, its practicality and convenience.
It is just slim enough not to bother and not too slim to slide out of pockets.
I bought more for family and friends and none of them managed to wear or tear them significantly.
Overall a great long term investment in your comfort, style and practicality!
Fantastic Wallet, with a few caveats
By Joshua
Overall this is a fantastic wallet. I first purchased this wallet back in March of 2015. It was a beautiful wallet, but the stitching failed after 4 months of use. Thankfully, the team at Common Fibers responded quickly and professionally, and I'm proud to say that the replacement wallet still looks and functions today (20 months later) as it did when I got it in July 2015. The construction is solid, the stitching is robust and the design is beautiful. I will say this though, the edges are sharp enough that the wallet has eaten through 2 pairs of pants of the last year and a half. Overall though, I look forward to using and enjoying this wallet for years to come, and will absolutely be buying another should this one ever actually give up the ghost.
Great wallet
By Kyle
I got in on this wallet from Kickstarter. Still going strong and I use it as my daily wallet.
Some wear is starting to show, and when that day comes, I'll gladly order a new max!
Best one yet!
By Dodd
Best carbon fiber wallet I have had. I previously owned a carbon fiber band wallet from another company but it does not compare to the Max at all. I got fed up with never being able to carry cash but wanted to maintain a slim profile. The max covers all of this. Excellent product!
Best damn wallet.... EVAR!
By Keith
I've had many wallets over the years. They've come and gone same as socks, shoes. It was just another thing I had to have and couldn't find anything worth the extra $ people charged for 'better' wallets. Especially when the 'better' were just a boring leather wallet with a logo on it.

I was perusing Kickstarter one evening and came along the Common Fibers page. Here it was, just another wallet.... or so I thought. I started watching the video and thought, 'Well it looks a bunch better that the others.' I am so glad I kept watch and reading. Eventually I decided I'd retire my thick, ugly wallet and give it a try. BEST DECISION EVER.

I got the Max wallet with a track weave and grey interior. When it arrived I said, "Looks cool but no way it will fit every thing I carry." Turns out it fit 75% and the other 25% I never used.

Every week or so, for the last 2 years, someone has asked me about the wallet. It looks so good and works so well.

There was a minor manufacturing flaw in my first max wallet hinge. When I contacted Common Fiber they sprung into action getting me a replacement in days.

Amazing look, feel, and quality!
By Brian
I've had this wallet since the kickstarter campaign and used it ever since. It is still holding up strong and looks just as awesome as when I received it.
I get compliments all the time from other people when they see it. Once I tell them it's real carbon fiber they always want to feel it and hold it to take a look. I've had many people order one after I show them. I love showing them that my name is engraved on it too and they look for it for a minute and eventually find it.
Cannot say enough good things about this wallet. I was expecting something that looked cool and lasted for a year or so. I'm very pleasantly surprised that it is as durable as it is. IF this one ever wears out, I will definitely be ordering another!
The max
By Chris
Absolutely love it. The engraving added a personal touch. Have been using as my daily wallet for over a year with no signs of delaminating. Great product.
Stylish and durable wallet
By Blake
I backed this wallet on kickstarter and used it for 2 years before I upgraded to the Tri when it became available. Everyone always wanted to check it out when the saw it and asked where I got it so they could get there own. It still looked like new when I upgraded so I ended up giving it as a gift and my friend was very pleased. Would definitely reccomend this wallet or any from CF to anyone looking for a long lasting and great looking wallet.
By Marvine
Love everything about this wallet simply because I love carbon fiber. I am a backer of The Max wallet from kickstarter and ever since I received I haven't looked for another. Love how there's enough room for all my cards and how it doesn't get bulky when all you carry are your cards and a few bills.

Personally I don't find it uncomfortable when leaving it in my back pocket and sitting for long hours as that can be an issue for some. When this wallet dies on me i'm sure to get another but it doesn't seem like it's going to be anytime soon given that the quality is superb, very durable and still looking great!
Awesome wallet
By Jacob
I got The Max wallet back when common fibers was a company on kickstarter. This wallet has been awesome. I get compliments on it all the time and it's held up really well for over 2 years. By far the most durable wallet I've had. The ripstop interior is quite durable and hasn't really stretched at all. I bought one for my brother in law and he loves it too. I'd recommend this wallet to anyone.
Worth every penny.
By Evan
First off, I am a obsessed with supercars and along with that I am even more obsessed with carbon fiber. This carbon fiber on this wallet looks amazing, is extremely light, and very thin. It is the biggest wallet they have to offer, yet it is thinner than the other wallets i have ever had. I really like the idea that it offers RFID protection.
My wallet personally was ordered around Christmas time for a discount which made the deal even better. I have a blue interior, black exterior with engraving and it is perfect. I do not see myself ever getting another wallet.
I recommend when you get it to press it down with something somewhat heavy, but soft and flat so that you do not scratch the wallet. That is one downside to the wallet. I personally keep it in my pockets alone, without any keys or any object that might scratch the carbon fiber. The other downside to the wallet that i have is that it is thin, but you cannot carry many cards or bills and keep it that thin. These two downsides aren't enough to keep the wallet from being a 5 star product. I love this thing.
Nice and unique wallet.
By Nathan
I have had my Max wallet for 3 years now and it is just starting to show some wear. This is a very tough wallet and the only place that is wearing out is the cloth on the inside. The Carbon Fiber outside is good as new.

I have gotten many compliments on how cool this wallet looks and how people say they have never seen anything else like it.

The only downside is that the carbon fiber is tougher than jeans. It will (over time) wear holes in your back pockets.

Overall great wallet and I will most likely be purchasing another.
Great Wallet!
By Malcom
I love this thing. Keep up the good work!

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