THE SLM $79.00

THE SLM $79.00

The all new SLM wallet was designed for those who travel light. The left side of the wallet features three standard sized credit card pockets. On the right there is an ID pocket and a large pocket that is great for folded bills or additional card storage.  For a limited time, all orders through the site come with an optional FREE engraving in BLOCK font.  No returns on engraved products.

triangle.png4.1 x 2.8 inches
card.pngHolds 6 Cards
stamp.pngCustom Engraving

Custom Engraving

Make your wallet truly unique with a one-of-a-kind custom laser engraving. Engrave up to 20 characters in either script or block fonts. Engravings are located on the front bottom right hand corner of the wallet. Text height ranges from 1/4" to 1/2" depending on the length of the engraving. Contact Us if you are interested in a custom logo engraving. Additional fees and minimum order quantities may apply.

Patented CF-Lex™ Hinge

Our patented method allows us to make the only continuous carbon fiber wallet.  To the user, it means enhanced durability, improved RF shielding, and a sleek look. 


RFID Protection

Over 32% of Americans have experienced credit card fraud in the last five years. This has spawned legitimate concerns over credit cards security and your leather wallet may be leaving you exposed. We utilize RF shielding materials that reduce the risk of credit card scanning and help ensure our users' banking information is safe. To learn more about what RFID technology is and how we can protect you, read this blog post.

Handmade in the USA with quality craftsmanship right in our backyard, we see no reason to go overseas. We have partnered with the highest quality suppliers and vendors here in Seattle and throughout the US. These partnerships allow us to keep a close eye on quality while strengthening our local economy.


Durable Rip Stop Interior

In selecting our materials we wanted an interior fabric that mirrored the resilience and style of the carbon fiber exterior. With its resume in the outdoor market, we chose a durable PV rip-stop that has a higher tensile strength than leather while being a fraction of the thickness.

Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

We use US sourced authentic carbon fiber in all of our products. Although many competitors produce a high quality aesthetic using substitutes, we are keen on the durability and product lifespan benefits that only real carbon fiber can provide.

Size and Weight:
Length: 4.09 in
Width: 2.79 in
Thickness: 0.55 in
Weight: 1.15 oz

Material Thickness: .02 in
Tow Size: 3K
Tensile Strength: 1066 lbs
Hinge Tensile Strength: 840 lbs
∆ Strength after 50K Cycles: -8%

​Manufacturer: DirecTex
Technical Name: YDIAMOND 300 RIPSTOP
Water Resistant: Yes
Stain Resistant: Yes